Module 5: Women, Girls and Gender Equality

1h 30m

Commitment V

We pledge to ensure non-discrimination and gender equality in implementing this declaration on “Faith for Rights.” We specifically commit to revisit, each within our respective areas of competence, those religious understandings and interpretations that appear to perpetuate gender inequality and harmful stereotypes or even condone gender-based violence. We pledge to ensure justice and equal worth of everyone as well as to affirm the right of all women, girls and boys not to be subjected to any form of discrimination and violence, including harmful practices such as female genital mutilation, child and/or forced marriages and crimes committed in the name of so-called honor.

About This Module

Women and girls often suffer from patriarchal interpretations of religion as religious interpretations have, at times, been invoked as grounds for inequality. As a result, many women's rights activists have developed negative attitudes toward religion. Confusion between cultural heritage, social traditions, and religious precepts have combined to make this issue particularly complex. This module seeks to provide constructive engagement to search for common ground. Faith actors have a role to play in advocating for the rights of women and girls.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants realize that the rights of women and girls are a priority for achieving inclusive societies and sustainable development.
  • Participants are familiarized with examples of the overlapping between cultures and religions. They realize that cultural particularities can either positively or negatively influence religious interpretations.
  • Participants recognize that women and girls are more than half of the society that is the most influential in shaping its future. Participants accept their responsibilities in this respect.

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