Explore the relationship between religions, beliefs and human rights

The Faith for Rights Online program provides peer-to-peer learning modules that explore the relationship between religions, beliefs and human rights. It provides an approach that is adapted to faith actors, civil society representatives, educational institutions and others who are committed to an interdisciplinary discussion on “faith” and “rights”.

Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

“We hope the ‘Faith for Rights’ framework will also inspire interdisciplinary research on questions related to faith and rights. Deeper exploration of the ethical and spiritual foundations provided by religions and beliefs can help to debunk the myth that human rights are solely Western values. On the contrary: the human rights agenda is rooted in cultures across the world. Respect for human life, and human dignity, wellbeing and justice, are common to us all. ‘Faith’ can indeed stand up for ‘Rights’ so that both enhance each other.” 


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